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    Meucci Jimmy Rempe circa 1989 Original Owner FS

    Hi Bert did you get this back? Still available?
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    Ran my first rack today!

    Call me a slow learner. Finally ran my first 9 ball rack today (1 and out from opponent's miss) Only took me 20 years LOL... I am back into competitive play with my league and enjoying every minute. Just had to share...:smile:
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    FS: Meucci HOF-07 "Dragon Slayer" - Great deal here!

    Price drop! $275! FS: Meucci HOF-07 "Dragon Slayer" - Great deal here! Hi all - Well, gotta pay some bills, so here for offer is a Meucci HOF-07 "Dragon Slayer" cue. It is about 19.25 oz, rolls straight and is in good to excellent condition. Comes with one black dot shaft. I can get some pics...
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    Beware Jeff Forney!!!!!

    Not me! Well......this is good info to have. I am also from Upstate NY and as "NYTechGuy" on here I can surely attest that I am not this Forney character. Ugh - sorry to hear of all the bad deals. He gives us Upstaters a bad name..... John aka NYTechGuy
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    Help identifying/pricing an Adam cue..

    Picked up a minty Adam from a local sale recently. Has gold circle sticker A/H 1 on the butt, 20 oz sticker and the Adam logo. Brass piloted joint, nylon wrap and darker forearm (rosewood)?? Anyway, is there somewhere online where I can get a value? Or does someone have an old catalog? Cue is in...
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    2x4 Justis for sale- $325 shipped CONUS- players case

    Hello all - I have up my 2x4 Jack Justis case. This case has the usual scuffs from usage and other than being roadworn from being a daily player case is that there is one gold snap broken on the strap handle on top of the case. I just want it to go to a good home. No trades, please. First...
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    Good rooms in VT?

    Will be in the Williston, VT area very soon. Anyone know any good pool rooms to shoot a few racks? :) Thanks, John
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    FS: Mezz ZZSP- CHEAP! :)

    Hi all - I have recently won this cue in a raffle from Monto....(thank you!) and I find that I have not used it and someone else needs to enjoy it. It retails for $378.00 on Seyberts ( I will take $300 for it via Paypal and I...
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    WTB: Measels cue ball

    Aramith spotted cue ball wanted. Please send PM's and price...used is AOK :smile:
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    GREAT deal on a Whitten!

    Hi - this is a catch and release for me :) I picked up this case from Mr. Varney: and now find that I have too many!! Figures! Anyway, this is in the same condition that it was sent to me. It has some battle scars as you can see, but is an...
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    WTT for Rolex - Olney (4 shafts!)/Fury j/b/Justis/Predator/OB/ Baxter J/P's

    Hi all - just a feeler to see if there is any interest - I have two main loves and hobbies - playing pool and Rolex watches. As I have several cues, I am thinking about thinning the herd. What I have to offer: - Jack Justis tooled 2x4 well loved black leather case. Silver tooling, brass...
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    Need a table mechanic in Upstate NY....

    Hi all - If this should be in the mechanics forum, I apologize. I bought a Brunswick Bristol for cheap (6") and need to get it refelted. Anyone know of a good mechanic in the Binghamton area? Also, I need to get miters and new drop pockets - I know of the classic billiards site, but any others...
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    Brand new wrapless Sly - crazy price!

    SOLD! Hi - Here we have a brand new and never used cocobolo and curly maple wrapless Sly. I won it a while back in a raffle and did not shoot with it yet. It has NEVER hit a ball while owned by me. :) I've babied it and kept it in my case. This is a gorgeous cue! Cocobolo forearm and butt...
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    WTB - TipPik

    Hi :) I know I must be going crazy, but wasn't someone selling these recently? I can't find the post.... Anyone have any to offer? I am also looking for just one TAR patch. I don't need the 3 from the website, but would love to represent on my case. Thanks and all the best! - John
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    FS: GTF rust 2x4 case

    Traded for a Justis! Woo hoo! - Thanks Terry!