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  • Funny how NPR, after reading the alt right posters, pulls the left leaning further to the left. I'm sure there is an opposite effect also.
    hi Pangit
    i stumbled upon your post that john barton replied with but i lost that post when i got back to reply, now another post is up and that's good. i remember you were looking to get a 1x1? i have a finished 1x2 in black nubuck body and some tooling on the flap and strap tabs at the back. it doesnt have any pockets on the case though coz it was a plain jane envelope case. can let it go for $100 usd shipped within philippines. by the way where exaclty is your wife from in bacolod? have you visited bacolod city ? thanks! let me know if you like to take a look at the case send me your email pls so i can send pics. i haven't taken some yet coz i am busy making a case for a top filipino pro who is very close to me. but will do when i get home. thanks again!--ritch
    Posted new pictures in thread but for your veiwing here they are . Thanks jim

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