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  • Three cuemakers guessed it to be Tulipwood.

    What other wood has the same type of grain and color that this could be? I'm just going by what they all guessed and what it looks like to me. Based on other green leafs I'm confused as to what else it could reallt be besides tulipwood.

    What do you think?
    DO YOU EVER FEEL LIKE THE WORLD IS FULL OF PEOPLE WHO KNOW MORE ABOUT IRISH LINEN THAN THE REST OF THE WORLD PUT TOGETHER? LOL! sorry 'bout caps. do happen to have some cuttyhunk LINEN myself which I think I may put on an abe rich cue I got recently. i'll use no wax; i'll put no lanolin on it! I don't like coatings on my wraps. I had a wrap on a sr6 schon get so worn it was slick(after 19 or20 years). finally redid it. no wax, no starch, no lanolin. just linen.
    Dale, you need to delete some messages out of your inbox lol. its full. Any day works for me, pick one and i can be there lol
    Dale, you need to delete some messages out of your inbox lol. its full. Any day works for me, pick one and i can be there lol
    Hi Dale I sent you a pm a few days ago asking if you had any more yellow micarta available? I would be interested in buying 2-4 if they are available. Thanks man.
    Hi Dale,

    Would you still happen to have any Micarta Ferrules in stock per chance that you could sell? A friend of yours suggested you. I was also searching for 2 Old Micarta Ferrules. Please PM me. Thank you!
    I am searching for 2 Old Micarta ferrules and was told you might have a couple? If you are willing to part with a couple please let me know
    Dear Dale--

    That's the man. Try this on for coincidence. I am sitting at the DCC this year on the last day. An elderly man asks me if the chair next to me is free. I say sure it is. He said he had hit some bad weather driving over from Hamilton, Ohio, near Cincinnati. I say, so you're from Hamilton, and he says yes. I say, the first time I ever saw anybody make a real run in straight pool was back in the old days. The guy was from Hamilton. His name was "Hamilton Marty." (We're talking 1963 here!) The elderly man says, "I'm Hamilton Marty." He was just thrilled. We had a great conversation about the old time players in Cincinnati, including, of course, Clem, whom I saw only once but never saw actually play. Garland Hutchison, Tom Smith, Sideline Sid, Joey Spaeth, Donny Anderson, Clyde Norman, we went down the list. I was just a college kid at the time with eyes as big as pie plates when I saw real pool played.
    Dear pdcue,

    Just joined the forum cos i am a Pro Snooker player and would love to try the real Micarta paper based ferrules. Please could you give me a price for 2x 11mm Ferrules of 1/2 inch length with an 8mm through unthreaded internal bore please. I was given your ID by another member who said you have this material. I sure hope so,


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