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  • Trav if I were looking to spend around 1500 on a cue, What cue makers would be the smartest investment? I like a Lomax that spliced has and a Coker (both under a thousand) but I see they have been for sale for a long time with no buyer. And what do you think about the Guerra cue that alvano has? He says it is a good trade for my brand new Ikon 7 2nd gen. Sorry for bothering you, I just respect your opinion on things.

    I lost my company phone over the weekend. They brought me a new one today and I have no contacts whatsoever. Please call me anytime so i can get your number again. Thanks,

    What, What...... Hey man. I been busy putting up fence for my cows and here with the family. Call me man.
    Thanks alot Eric. I will definitely keep a few of the first ones. This is my favorite so far and I know this one will defiinitely be a keeper for me. Take care Eric, Trav Dorn.
    Congrats on your 3rd custom cue, i been collecting for over 25 years, it never gets old. make sure to keep some of your first cues you buy. i have some from 86 88 etc. they become family after a few years.

    Yea I ate a steak, scallops rolls, salad, cheescake, and just officially started back eating right today. Damn it was good though, lol. Yea I think I will make it up tomorrow night. Did you have a good Thanksgiving?
    Whats going on ? Hope to see ya in Easley this week. Hope you had a good Thanksgiving..
    I still have the searing shaft and have a couple of Rick Howards coming one day this year hopefully. I am just going to use it on the Howard that I keep.
    Hey Trav D, I was wondering how you made out with that searing shaft and butt you requested. Did you ever get it put together and if so, how did it work! I own a Omen cue so just curious on the outcome, thanks and have a great day. Jay
    I would love to take a look at them definitely Chuck. Did you ever sell the pink ivory cue? Talk to you soon man, Trav Dorn.
    trav, i was able to locate 2 more pieces of elk large enough for one piece handles. i remember you expressed an interest in one. i am using kingwood on one and wenge on the other. they will be $$750.00 each. i am giving you first refusal when they are done [ sometimes in the next month ]. thanks chuck
    What a smooth transaction.I recieved his M.O. overnight.He got his cue the next day.It was a pleasure.Will always be in contact,
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