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  • hey man. i just moved back to baton rouge... i was married for 10 yrs and just got a divorce. where do u play at?
    Thanks for the response. Like I said, if the other cue sells to someone else, I'll take yours. Probably a couple of days.Thanks
    Gill cue shoots really solid. I have no issues with it at all. Probably will play well for years. I have talked to several cue makers here and they all think its fine, just an ugly crack look. LOL.. if the core is as solid as they think it is, cue will perform well forever if taken care of. And no, I want 150 plus shipping. :) Thanks - Felix
    Phinmole-What kind of a hit does that Tony Gill cue have? I've got a half dozen cues similar to this one, but none are real solid! I'm real interested in another cue at this moment, but if it doesn't come thru, would you take $150 shipped for the Gill? Send me an e-mail at ""
    Jim, THanks but I don't have a PENNY.. Jim Baxter is taking all my money on this custom cue I am getting. LOL.. sorry.. :( I would have a week ago, but now I am selling dryer lint to pay for this custom cue.
    Hey Felix,I got a guy that cant pay for that KV j/b.You were next in line at $210,if you want it I will send a 2nd chance offer-just let me know,thanks,Jim
    haha.. I hear ya bud. I was thinking the same thing earlier. We had a nice bar-b-que here at the house and then had a million desserts to choose from. I chose all of them.
    Next April I will be celibrating the 45 aniversary of my 21st b-day. WOW If I knew I was going to live this long, I'd have taken better care of myself. Jim
    haha.. kudos to the shop helper! Give her a RAISE I am sure she deserves it since she does just about every darned thing around there while you lolly-gag around in that big truck of yours for weeks at a time! lol..
    I Bud , Hope to have cue ready to ship Weds . Still trying to get everything perfect. I did take it out and hit a few ball, just to make sure no weird noises. Hits great with either shaft. J/ps are really nice, you have to credit "Shop Helper" , She did Great. Jim
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