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  • Happy New year Don!!! I won't be playing this year but I will be up on Saturday to spectate. 3rd weekend right?
    Hey there, saw your post from 2007 in regards to the Viking Q1 cue for sale. Just out of curiosity, so you still have it?
    Thanks for the information. Probably won't play, but will try to come up. Will it be at Cattlemans and the Eagles?
    if you have specific examples of "porn" and specifically nudity, please provide links to profiles or names.

    Just saw your post. Contact Alex at poolfelt.com and I'm sure he can hook you up with a rail cloth set. On the youtube thing it's the same for any cloth - some can be pulled tighter then others. There's several ways to do bar rails and that is just one I learned and have used exclusively since it's simple and works.
    Hey Donnie, thanks for letting Brad and I stay with you. I have a line on a 9' connely. gal is asking $1100 but will take offers. sounds interesting, thought I would let you know
    Starts about 9 sat. maybe 10 on sunday. If you come up Friday before the calcutta starts @ 7:00 you can get in and play! And there is gonna be some action friday night to. Youv'e been playin snooker so these pockets will be huge. Don
    I might like to come up and watch awhile. What times on Saturday and Sunday?
    Michael Cole
    Hey Donny!!!!!!! can you do me a favor, i wouldn like to chat with Shane, can I get his # from you or have him call me? 251-4164
    HEY DONNY!!!!! how are ya, hittin'em good I bet. Well, so am I lol. yes, I will be there. what are the dates again....lol. my buddy Tim Murphy(played in last years "b" division) would like in also. I would like to bring another guy, new young talent. I think you met Sam Brown when he came up couple years ago to the store. I worked with him for several days. Can he get in also, he is 21 lol. let me know Donnie.

    I hope you catch that fish your chasin
    Hey big D......I don't think I am. My buddy, Tim Murphy, and I are doing a BCA league here in MSO. We are busy lol gonna have about 20-25 teams to start. Tim and I went to Poplar a few weeks ago, I got 8th( one out of money, of course lol) Tim won it, got a grand and a sweet leather jacket. how are you doin up there
    Hey Donny. I am good. Took third in Ronan, missed ya there, missed 2 8 balls against Dave Johnson. Lose 2-4 instead of win 4-2. Lol. But that's pool. How are you doin
    Hey don they are done,had to make again,because i made them 5/16-14,but they are right now sorry about that.............i guess i can't read very well.need address
    That's ok Joe. your on my email address book and i was sending a group message. Hope you had a great Christmas. Come on up to Montana sometime. Don
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