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  • It's that time of year again already? Man, these birthdays seem to be going by like fence posts on a highway. Wishing you the VERY BEST birthday ever!
    You're the birthday boy today. I hope you take time to smell the flowers, hear the wind blow, and enjoy the sounds and smells of nature. May the coming years bring you much joy, happiness, and love in your heart!

    Well, well, well, it's your birthday, Rick, today. Man, you have the same birthday as my ex-husband (LOL). :p

    Hope you enjoy today to the fullest! :cool:

    Hi Rick S.
    I just joined, I am an old pool player originally from Tucson, Az. I used to manage Old Pueblo Billiards for Weldon, in the late '70s. Noticed your reference to Steve Knight passing and linked in here.
    I am 56 now, but back then I was 25. Were you around OPB back then, and did you know the regulars in 76-79/80? I had heard that Troy? bought it when? and then they tore it down, I always wonder about some of the 'gang from back then. Tim ?. Tall caucasian with huge afro, Marshall, Alabama Sam, Steve Knight RIP, Where would the old timers comfortably hang out, and shoot some pool. Did another pool hall get the old 6x12 snooker table that used to be in the back of OPB?
    I plan on revisiting the old pueblo/tucson again and would like to shoot some pool and perhaps run into some of the good ol boys, and remember.
    Thanks for any info
    Happy Birthday to you! I hope you surround yourself today with good company. These doggone birthdays keep coming around faster and faster, the older I get, so take time today and smell the flowers. You're a 10, Rick, and an asset to pool!

    im most likely gonna be in vegas, call me or find me here. i got a spot for you in vegas if you need one.
    hey buddy I hope your good-just saw a post you made and realized i hadnt said hello to ya in way to long. I bought a niikon D-700(i think I have that right) fuc its amazing!!!! I had a pile of lenses from our old biz so all I needed to buy was the body $2400 no tax and I'm set. I have a lot to learn now, a whole lot. I thought of you when I was buying it, then Poohkiller from Hungary came to visit and I forgot to tell you. I'll buy dinnner for lesssions ;)

    Email me at: EP90210@hotmail.com

    I'm gonna be on the road the next few days, my cell is 702/241-8000 txt me there is the best way to get ahold of me I don't listen to voice mail.

    Hope you good man. I have been busy the past month, I might not be in Vegas for the bca stuff, if I do it will be for a few days while ja is there.

    Take care,

    he is a good guy, i think a bit of his difficulties came from childhood problems or perhaps a clinical depression, i like it when he smiles and is happy-not often, he is to hard on him self.

    Golf can make any man a monster LOL

    thanks for the REP


    I enjoyed it as well, it was my pleasure!! ....it's always nice to meet good people.

    You really do need to learn-practice the 3 foul game...it WILL come into play down the road.

    Big Scott was still in Greensboro up till a few months ago. I asked about him while there. A woman ran him thru the ringer, and he moved away. Nobody knows how to contact him. Phil-Steve-Tony, all will remember him, for sure.

    Thanks...and it was awfully nice to meet you!!

    (just found this message!)
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