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  • im good friend with Jay cutler I hope he wins, call me sometime i will tell you a cool stroy about him and my mam when she was dieing. I love jay like a brother, I have trained with him many times unrtil my back went to shit. rep cooming tomight i hope

    Thank you for the rep. It is always nice to know my comments resonate with someone.

    Stop by and say hello anytime!!
    Thanks for the rep-points.. they moved me up to #70 page 3... LOL.
    I am very lucky in having some of the best mannered players in the country. They are for the most part true gentlemen.
    Thanks for the rep. As mentioned it's not the first time I have had that nice tap on my shoulder from Creig and is not that helpful. Politics is politics :)
    Happy shooting
    Hey Ross, I hope all is well!

    I might need your help on an April 1st joke I started with a little help from a Roy Steffensen and pooladdict. If you're not too busy, could you start a new thread titled "Travis Trotter Exposed?" and refer to a thread I started called "coming soon". If you want to jump in and say something like you knew this for a while, or something, whatever. It's pretty harmless.

    Again, I hope all is well!

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