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  • we played eachother at the blackbear tournament, I just found out today looking over the results. I played on the "sleeves bar" team. I wish I had noticed when we had played eachother. see you later!
    seen your name in chalk talk, top 24 @ the eagles nest? way to go, congrats! must be a player. john and seco showed up for the eveleth tournament. it was a full tourny, 168 shooters. put a wizard on the predator sp, and been shooting in the basement with it, i am starting to like that cue. later, louis
    Its a shot in the dark, but do you have the Predator Air still? If so, I want it. Please let me know. Thanks
    i actually forgot to bet on Shane in the Mika match. I really thought it would be closer than it was. I didnt watch it but it sounded like Mika never was comfortable.

    take care buddy and stay intouch,


    Did get that $ from paypal for the Scruggs? Thanks for being so patient. Look forward to hittin w/ cue.
    go to this link:

    then click on Ivan Belemonte and the case that comes up is the most similar to mine, the difference is braided leather handle on his stols where the handle attaches to the case, mind goes the whole way down the side and is about 1.5" wide, its rolled to make the handle. It looks much better the way mine is than the handle just stopping. Its Pony hair he told me, verysoft. He will make a deal on the case(mention me) but they are still expensive. I will never change cases-its my 3rd case in 25 years.

    hope your good
    i would like to buy one of the lights, , whats the best way to get in touch with you?
    hay man i'm looking for more music to throw on my ipod. you and me have similar tastes so i figured i'd ask if you had any suggestions?
    yo man who else were you kicking it with in vegas. yours was the only profile i could remember. you guys get held up because of the president too? i was stuck in the vegas airport for 6 extra hours

    im interested in the pool table felt your selling. can you PM me back with more details on the 9 foot felt.
    Thanks Ross for being so patient with me ,as I stated I live on a fixed income and I would be greatly pleased to call You Friend
    I noticed in you post that you had some Tru-Balances for sale. Are they still available Thx, Duane
    thank you very much for changing that, I sincerly appericate it. I still cant look at a pic of my mom, its just too much, I get over whelmed with sadness, lonlyness. Mom and I were the best of friends, I wasnt a momys boy, I would listen to anything she told me to do, but I was a good son, she told me so when she was dieing. That was a brutal 18 months, I dont have any bro's or sisters, just my 85 year old uncle-we get along great, but his brain is fading. So its tough for me, I have Kelly and am very happy, in 10 years we never had a argument.

    so thanks again I really appericate that more than I can express. I'm not drunk or high now, I'm just being honest, I never BS here on AZ about anything, and I am a very lonely person sometimes for family, I have great friends here and other places, my mom taugh me how to fit in where ever you go. All the toys $$$ etc dont mean shit, I'd give it all 100% up for 24 hours with my mom and dad.


    Ross, could you please change your avitar, the person with the hood on lookd like my mom did when she was dieing of cancer- see it I have to do a double take, i'd put thin in a PM but my PM is off. I would soincerly appericate it, the guy ith the pinn sleveeless shirt would be cool.


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