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    post billiards age

    just found this interesting bit of history. enjoy.
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    New form of sharking at Snooker Worlds

    you can't make this stuff up…. and here's a link to the BBC's coverage, too bad US pool can't generate this kind of support….
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    85 years ago

    Brunswick Balke Collender ran this ad in Literary Digest Magazine in March 1926. Sorry for the bad pic. Next one is the text on the right side, written by a juvenile court judge in Denver. Times have changed...
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    WPA Junior World Championships

    Good Luck and good rolls for Team USA: Brianna Miller, Taylor Reynolds, Danny Olsen, Brendan Crockett, Tyler Styer, and Shawn Begay are all on their way to Kielce, Poland to compete next week for the WPA Jr. World 9 Ball Championships. 32 boys and 16 girls from 18 countries are competing for...
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    help the BEF and our young champs

    I’ve been a member of this forum for several years now, all as a result of my son becoming interested in playing pool. I’m pleased to say that he’s not only become interested, but has developed some skills at the game. Part of the reason he has improved has been his participation in BEF...
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    Need some help

    I'm here in beautiful DeKalb Illinois at NIU with some kids for the BEF junior nationals. One of the kids just split a tip and we need to find as local a cue repairman as quick possible. Anybody have a name or suggestion? Call me at 818-404-6699. Thanks!
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    How Red is Hollywood Red ???

    Just thought everyone should get up close and in person to see how red it really is.... note the red fingers, too.... [they belong to Stevie Moore....]
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    Report from Jr World Championships, Nicaragua

    Greetings from Managua! The Junior World Nine Ball Championships got underway yesterday, with the first two rounds of play. BEF Executive Director Laura Smith has brought the USA’s best young players to match up against players from 20 other countries and every continent. The American...
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    Brunswick Centennial Cloth 9 ft NIB

    When SD Billiards set up our new GCV Donny installed Simonis 860, so we wound up with a new in box 9 ft Centennial cloth in Brunswick Green. Never opened; parts label reads: Part Number 51-869840-002 Model: Centennial Description:Cloth Finish: Brunswick Green Size: 9' Pro Date Code: KV Here's...
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    can't get a refund [long rant warning!]

    A Titlist Conversion had been advertised on AZB; I contacted the seller by PM, we agreed on a price, and I sent a cashier’s check for the full amount to him by Fedex. Four days after my check arrives, I called to find out what was going on. [He didn’t call me to say it got there as I asked...
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    9 ft Diamond Pro-am package in SoCal

    For sale: Gently used Diamond 9 foot pro-am table, covered in blue Simonis 860 cloth. Complete with matching 8 foot Diamond four-tube light, matching two-seat chair unit, wood rack, and Aramith balls. Table has accessory one pocket ball shelf and bridge rack. Used daily by junior player for...