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    Dallas West

    RC...That definitely elevates you to AzB "Legend" status! Dallas West was always a very cool man, and always a pleasure to watch! Hopefully a time will come soon where you can actually sit down and "chew the family fat" face to face! LOL Maybe even hit some balls together! Scott Lee 2019...
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    What is the most consecutive racks of 9 ball ever run?

    Jack White played a guy for lots of marbles per game...and proceeded to run out 19 racks. The owner put up a plaque commemorating it and had Jack's Rambow cue in a plexiglass case above the plaque for years. This was in Sanford FL sometime in the 60's. Sadly many years later the bar burned...
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    Pro players' "other" jobs

    Thanks for correcting me "Gweenie Beenie"! LOL Gosh, has it only been 15 years? Seems like forever. Your dad really loved pool, and proved you could play well, and still conduct yourself like a gentleman. There were plenty of lowlifes around back then, but Bill certainly didn't hang much...
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    Predator sport blk case

    JB Cases are the best money can buy! Scott Lee 2019 PBIA Instructor of the Year
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    Best Instructional YouTube Video For Shooting Off The Cushion Recommendations?

    Patrick is right on the money here...especially for the players with their fingertips on the edge of the rail. If you fail to elevate to the angle of the cushion, you can easily miscue. Holding the cue tighter may work for some players, but more will be successful using a very light cradle...
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    Why are you up at 5am?

    Less than it costs to make...which is ridiculous. They should quit making pennies altogether. Scott Lee 2019 PBIA Instructor of the Year
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    Pro players' "other" jobs

    Weenie Beanie has been dead for decades. His hot dogs stands are also long gone. That said, they provided him with a constant source of gambling revenue, and he got to be a quite decent player gambling with the other greats. He was one of nicest gentlemen I ever met. Scott Lee 2019 PBIA...
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    My 1st table. GCII model "E1"

    DON...Please check your PM's. Scott Lee
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    Pro players' "other" jobs

    Not just "cars"...The Deacon sold Cadillacs for decades. He put four kids through college! Scott Lee 2019 PBIA Instructor of the Year
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    1200 or 150?

    middleofnowhere...Just FYI, professional events do not allow "raking the balls". That is a sportsmanship foul, that is dealt with severely...b-i-h to the opponent on the first infraction; loss of game on the second infraction. You describe player reactions from gambling matches very accurately...
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    1200 or 150?

    You must be talking about amateurs (or you've never seen pro players play)...NO pro players "give up", even when down 9-2 in a race to 11. Scott Lee 2019 PBIA Instructor of the Year
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    Ronny Park Passes Away Due to COVID Complications

    Mine neither, but I don't think McD's will be opening their restaurants to inside dining anytime least that's true down here in FL. Scott Lee 2019 PBIA Instructor of the Year
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    Best bank dvd to learn basic banks. John brumbacks?

    judochoke...I sent you a pm asking for an email and/or contact information, regarding S CA lessons. That was two months ago... Scott Lee 2019 PBIA Instructor of the Year Director, SPF National Pool School Tour
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    Used DrDaves Break Speed measurement using sound

    What should be a separate part of the forum should be all the baloney you post...
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    No mentions of US Amateur Championship?

    I tried to find a link to the brackets, but found nothing. Does anyone have a link to the tournament brackets? Scott Lee 2019 PBIA Instructor of the Year