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    Looking for a 42" cue for my son

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    Looking for a 42" cue for my son

    All good thanks for your time I really do appreciate the links
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    What is "jimbos army" ?

    What ever happened to jimbos army forum? I went MIA for a few years. Now it's gone.
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    Looking for a 42" cue for my son

    Looking for a 42" pool cue for my son he is 7. I like the McDermott Prodigy but can't find one in stock anymore. Any help would be appreciated.
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    Looking for a junior cue for my son

    Just looking for a decent junior cue for my son i would like to find something LD.
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    Mike Durbin Cue and Lucasi Big Beulah 2 Break Cue

    Old Mike Durbin cue for sale ivory joint, buttcap, and ferrule g10 pin holly wood segmented handal 4 holly points with a blood wood nose. Comes with 2 shafts not sure of the tips both shafts are under 13mm has some minor wear. Also a 19oz Lucasi Big Beulah 2 break cue. $1000.00 OBO
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    Sea cue for sale

    It's a full splice cue ebony and purple heart all white but the buttcap is real even the ferrules and joint. Mother of pearl dot inlays and matching JPs natural green orange and black veneers. Stainless steel 3/8x10 modified-it has a .308 minor pin I believe some people call them a 3/8x10 flat...
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    Sea cue for sale $1400 OBO
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    Can you change the join in a Revo shaft?

    I was just wondering since my cue has a 3/8 10 pin if it was even a possibility to get a Revo shaft?
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    What was the last Cue of the Year

    I have been a way for awhile and I always enjoyed these threads didn't know if I missed the one for this year
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    Talisman beta tips

    Has anyone else tried there's yet
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    7ft Irving Kaye Pool Table

    I have a 7ft Irving Kaye pool table for sale it has a 1 piece 1" slate and the ball return has been taken out and drop pockets have been installed. I am asking $900 OBO I live in Altamont IL you would have to cover shipping, unless it was local I can help.
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    Should I refinish the OS Diamond or keep it as it is?

    I have a opportunity to buy this table and my question is What all is needed to strip the wood down and refinish it black? I have looked on YouTube but couldn't find much about refinishing a pool table. I know I will have to sand all the old finish off and in order to do that I would have to...
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    Cloth for a OS 8ft table

    When you order Simons cloth for a OS 8ft table what size do you order I would think just ordering for a 8ft would be to small and 9ft to big will they know when I call them what size to send? :confused: