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  • My friend will accept the offer that you offered on the cue. I pm Ed you earlier so just let me know if you're really wanting the cue or just asking to be asking for fun. Thanks bud.
    I have a Schon STL9 posted. it is very nice cue. comes w/ 30" shaft 1x2 Instroke case & Schon logo J.P.'s. shaft is 12.75mm. thread was posted at 3:29 A.M. on 11/20/13.
    Very interested in the roadline. I will check back in a week or so to see if you still have it, wont have the money until then unfortunately..
    I have a 4 point meucci original with two shafts, one standard lenght shaft, and one is about 2" longer.It has the exposed rap.Butt and shafts are straight together and apart.The butt does have a crack in the bottom as many of these did and the points are wore.The shafts are in great condition.Call me or pm me back if interested,256-620-5444.I have never tried to sell it.Thanks,Billy.
    Notice you still have cue...are you still interested in trade? I sent you my number. Jim Baxter mentioned someone for escrow. If you looked at my Ebay comments you would know I do what I say. It is quanagain2.

    As Always,

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