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  • Hi, if you like some cash for the Hunter cue, I can make you a deal, if you will except PayPal.
    Sorry, I do have one of the original 4x8 JB cases. Not interested in a sale or trade, but I could do a loan for a few weeks for a test drive, if you would cover postage, back and forth.
    Best regards, Adam
    I have a Omen with 4 shafts: original, 314-2, 314-3, z2 shaft. I also have a josey cue with one original and 314-3 shaft. I do not know how to attach pictures on here so message me on facebook if your interested
    you tired to send a message about the Searing, but my box is full. That's why requested an email. I made some room if you want to retry or send to
    I saw that you had a Dann Tull cue you were looking to sell a while back. Is it still available? It looks like the cue photos were deleted and I wasn't sure. Thank You

    Can you please tell me the weight of the butt and the two shafts of the Richard Black that you have for sale?

    Thank you,
    Hey its Patrick from missouri. I was hoping you could leave a comment on a post I just put on az to vouch for my integrity. Scott Rabon and others from columbia know me well and support what we are doing here but alot of people on az dont. if you need to find the post just type in joplin tornado and it should popup. Thanks for your help
    Very interested in your josey for sale would really like 2 talk 2 you about it can pls pm your phone number cause I'm away from my computer
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