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  • Just curious as to what you were asking for the madison bob? I have one and im trying to figure out wha tv it is worth
    I play at either billiards den or at Hawleys, anyday is fine with me, but can only let you know a few hrs in advance. Does that work for you? Thanks
    Hey Dragon,
    Sorry to not have gotten back to you earlier.
    I have improved quiet a bit in the last year or so, but, since i am also in dallas, would like for play on a 10 footer with you sometime, You can contact me directly at
    Your box is full so I posted this here

    I dont know if it has a weight bolt or not but it weighs 19.4 ozs. Balance point is 18 3/4 inches from butt cap. Tip is 13.15 and ferrule is a LBM standard that Andy puts on the cues.

    I got it as a gift from a friend for selling some cues. It s in great shape, and aside from the shaft bluing it look brand new.
    The butt of the cue is threaded but not sure if theres a weight in it. I had a diveney and the weight bolt was way up in the butt of the cue. I can't see one but I don't have a allen wrench long enough to get up in there either. I'm getting married very soon and trying to consolidate my inventory. This cue is like I said in new cond. I take very good care of my cue's. I don't have allot of money so when I buy something I take great care of it. You'll have to think about it and shoot me a deal. Thanks for the reply.. Scott
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