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  • As you have probably noticed, I haven't been around here for a while and the only reason I'm here today is to let you know that Mudd, Greg Merrill, age 63, has passed.

    Don't know much more... just the obituary. Visitation is tonight, private funeral for family later. Sorry to be the bearer of sad news. I'll miss him. He was a good guy.

    Later, Jim
    is that a Gus in your avitar, thats a pile of shafts, which is the onky way to go, 2 isnt enough, I like 5 or 6 myself,

    Hi Tom, sorry to hear you guys lost. That would have been a tough team for us to beat too. It was great seeing you guys as well. You were always my favorite team to play at Babs. I will let you know when I get the new cue, hopefully I should have it in about 3 weeks.
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