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  • Charles,
    Figure $2.15 a tip and $2.50 for mailing. Please put tips as wanted in Paypal message box.
    I would like to order
    Vs. 8
    S. 8
    Med 8.
    How much to pay pal you.
    Charles bobo
    CMB as handle
    231 bobo. Place
    Inman, sc. 29349
    Mark, figure $25.00 for tips, $2.07 for shipping Paypal is
    Do you still have these tips available? Pat Diveney installed one (broke my Kamui off in a tournament) on my Joss and I love it. I do installs for friends in my area and would like to get 10 (5 soft and 5 medium) to have on hand. Thank you for making a great tip. Mark
    I would take the 5 for $15 deal I want 2 soft and 3 medium could you send me a pay pal address and i will get the money sent right out
    Hey Tom, My name is Mark Siech. I am the owner and solo builder of Psych Cues and have been for nearly 20 years. The name changes as originally I called it Lakes Custom Cues and the name Psych Cues has just been recently been sconced. Anyway I have used mostly triangle and Kamui tips on my cues. This due to requests and personal knowledge of the playability of these tips. I would like to try your tips as I have been watching AZ and the comments. Very favorable I might add. I mostly use kamui soft and med tips and dont know what tips are similar in your design. I would like to purchase a few and get started. Thanks very much for your time. Below is my info.

    Mark Siech
    Psych Cues
    8194 Doolittle Rd.
    Minocqua, WI. 54548
    715 356-4655
    715 614-6755 Cell
    Thanks for the tips that you re-sent due to your postage problems. I recieved the ones you shipped on January 19th yesterday. I will be putting them back in the mail to you tomorrow. Thanks again, Jason Milam

    P.S. LOVE THE TIPS!!!!!!!
    Mr. Hay I would like to purchase some of your tips, is there a discount you get per quantity? i only need a few but if i have to order ten or so i can pass them out to some guys on my league to try out im sure theyll love them
    Hello Tom tried to go to your site to order some more of your tips but it no longer is working did you change something Thanxs Gene
    Best I can tell you is the H to the HH is like the Soft to the Medium. I could do the 20 for $50.00 with free shipping. I have been guiding Larry (CueGuy) through the use of CNC.
    Hay Tom- how hard is your HH tips? What would you compare them to? Any current specials on quantity order (10+)? BTW, I love you other tips, selling like crazy! I have the CNC Taper in my posession, just been too busy with work to build my enclosure around it and fire it up- soon though!
    Hello Tom, as I see you have a special AZ offer of your tips. I'd like to order 20 of your tips for that special price of 3 $ each. If possible 15 medium, the rest soft.

    Is this possible?

    My adress:
    Michael Riedinger
    Carl-Orff-Strasse 20
    83024 Rosenheim

    Thanks a lot, Tom

    with my best regards
    Michael Riedinger
    Kieth, if you go dowm a thread or two you will see a thread he has up with Wood for sale. His AZ name is meridianblades. I have made a couple of cues with his wood, its all awesome. I would guess since he does sell wood, he probaly would sell those. All 18", I cut them to 1.350 perfectly round, no traces of square. Thanks, Tom
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