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  • Hey Tom, that would is awesome, you know if he has any for sale!! Thanks Tom hope everything is going great, This is Keith Josey :)
    Where is the message? I had sent to tom hay a message as to how to buy his tips. Please note that this is the first time that i used private message.
    Tom: I sent you an email today, but I'm not sure if my emails go through to AOL. I ordered some tips from you this week. The package arrived today, but only two of the four tips I ordered were included. I ordered 2 medium and 2 hard.

    Of the two tips that showed up, one has an M on it and the other doesn't have a mark. Are these both medium?

    Could you please send the other two tips to:
    John Walko
    7648 Standers Knoll
    West Chester, OH 45069

    Thank you;

    John Walko
    SHOOT. sorry, 2nd one. I know you ordered 20 tips, let me know what hardness and will resend Priority and throw a few freebies in. Sorry, thanks, Tom
    Have not recieved my tips as of today's mail.
    C. Bobo
    231 Bobo Place, Inman, SC
    Tom, you asked in the Cue Accessories section if anyone had tried the HH yet? I was wondering what the "HH" is. Is this a harder tip than the other three? Thanks.
    Hello Tom A friend of mine with D&D cue repair said i should contact you about tips. He gave me one to try, put it on my cue last night and loved it would like to place a order for 10 med.
    How do I get up with you?
    thanks Mr. Moore ( OTC cue repair)
    hello again tom. I do have rounded 30inchers in the shop here. I'm thinking the squares and first cuts something your not equipted for yet /with bigger lathe. I saw some of the projects - my cue maker friends advised you on. Fred sells to 350 cuemakers I'm aware of- I did purchase a Dennis Searing Ivory ferruled Pred. in the Past.
    Thanks for the post- I'll supply you with the Best BEM- I like guys just like you. I'll gladly trade AAAA woods for cues . Sincerely your mark
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