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  • We will miss you Tommie,but I personally have knowledge that you are safety in The Father's hands and he has taken away ALL your pain,save me a seat in the great poolroom as we will play together there with no pain
    VRIP dear friend
    hi tommie ,
    i would suggest if you agree of course to edit the title "JUst in from Greece" to something like the other titles mentioning what the cue is ie. gorgeous ebony 8 point vollmer with silver or anything lime that in order to catch more eyes..
    or the details inside maybe..
    think of it,
    cheers kostas
    Hey Tommie, I was reffered to you for a low end Plain Sneaky. Looking for Wood to Wood, plain Jane. A unmarked LD shaft would be most excelent.
    hey tommie call me im home all weekend and i just realized that the bocote cue i have is a pierce i had sort of a disagreement w someone in that coker shop i dont know what happned but i also see that u were the one who made the deal right again id like to buy some more cues anbd a couple shafts however whoever itt was that shot their mouth off at me i dont waqnt to do bus. with howebver i have heard nothing but praise about u again i reiterate i dont want any hassles or to order somethin and it not turn out right which is why contacted u
    Hi big guy, looking for 13mm. or larger shaft stitched collar for this old schon I picked up. If you come across one give me a pm. I have posted on the main but no response. Thanks, Skip
    how ar ===== you doing tom... im back looking for cheep playing stick .. yyou have any good ones out there?? thx
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