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  • you selling your other aramith's? i know there in good shape. I have been so busy with doing tables on the side i havent shot in over 2 weeks now. Im redoing a pool room in Palmdale. i ran 68 about a month ago during a match on a bucket Gold crown and the run stopped only because i missed a break out shot. BUSY BUSY BUSY!!! I need a vacation
    Hey man - I thought about you the other day - spilled coffee on my table - had to get it redone LOL. Got some new aramith duramith - they are the bomb. How are you doing? Run a hundred yet??
    I play in the APA and BCA leagues here in town so mainly all of the bars. The pool halls are Corner Pocket, Cue Ball, and Eight Ball. Cue Ball is fair with 7's and 9's and where Brian Parks plays out of. Corner Pocket is okay with 7's and 9's but the tables can be out of shape sometimes and mainly for random customers and leagues. Eight Ball has about 6 7's and mainly is geared towards the leagues. They all have their pros and cons but since I moved to Cali I don't frequent the pool hall as much as I used to.
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