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    Boot lot I'm looking for a predator Z shaft of any generation if anyone is interested in a trade. It's a long shot, but it's worth a shot. If I'm not allowed to offer a...
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    Cue set
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    cue maker question

    agreed to have a cue made, they told me a couple of weeks ( simple sneaky style) been two months, whats the deal? what do I do. at this point I don't want the cue any more
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    documentary on the tube
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    im sure you guys have all seen the masterclass advertisements on youtube where chefs, writers, actors, photographers, all in high standing in their profession teach their craft, I see that Daniel negraneu teaches poker, who would be the one guy to teach the world about pool?
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    the cue"playability

    I know its subjective, I know its the indian not the arrow, but what does having a cuetec or a southwest really matter. people say if youre a beginner get this or that, but what if you've played 30 years, what exactly is the point everyone tries to make? im asking bc of the deanoc debacle, a...
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    cool shortfilm on amazon prime the woman's sexy, the environment hot and the situation one we all wish would happen from time to time
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    schmelke hoppe sneaky hate to sell it but ive been looking for a SS joint sneaky and ive found one.
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    no. 5—-and-arguing-—-pleasure-in-the-absence-of-real-games/ar-BB11PqrQ?ocid=spartanntp I think rocky is one and hustler two, but hey, im biased
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    would be cool
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    is this legit? whats that pin
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    who created the jump cue?

    and who put the first phenolic tip on a break cue?
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    standard diameter of a shaft collar

    I have a custom and a cuetec which seem smaller in diameter than the after market shafts.
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    steel joint sneaky

    looking for steel joint sneaky pete
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    house cue conversion

    can anyone convert me a house cue black sneaky with a steel joint and a white Delrin butt cap old school style.