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  • Did you ever hear how Gary vs Mitch Craven turned out about 3 weeks ago? I just joined the forum and I read that on here. I've seen Mitch play in Springfield before, he's a pretty solid player. Thank you
    Troy, you owe me $100 from the Earl-Shane match. I bet Earl wouldn't 70 and he didn't. My paypal is jayhelfert@yahoo.com
    Yeah, it's actually Detroit; not sure where I got Omaha. Boone says his name is something like Al Lindeman, and he wants to play "$20-$50 games or sets". Not sure if that means he wants $50 games or $50 sets, but either way it could be a good game. I don't really care to gamble on a barbox, so if you want the game you can have it. I think Les has the guy's number if you want me to try to get it. Boone is in town tonight, so I think I will be meeting him over at Billiards at some point.
    I'm good with just going to mo river, actually. Kind of need to spend a weekend at home to do stuff around the house.
    Yes sir. Every Tue. night now, alternating b/w a $10 and $20 entry fee. Let me know if you are planning on coming by sometime.
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