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    Chuck Norris Can't Play Pool Because....

    Chuck Norris can't play pool because every time he tries to shoot the ball it disintegrates. The only way for Chuck Norris is to play pool is by using the sun as a cue ball. KEEP IT GOING!
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    Calling American Cue Makers

    Is there any American cue makers willing to make a basic snooker cue? Feel free to PM me.
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    Ronnie O'Sullivan vs American Pool Player?

    I have only ever seen a video of him playing against Earl Strickland but how do you think he would favor against Americans playing 9 ball or 8 ball. He is by far one of the best cueist ever know, but I wonder how good he knows American pool.
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    Any Read The Science of Pocket Billiards?

    Anyone Read The Science of Pocket Billiards? I was about to buy this book and thought I would ask if anyone has read it and would like to give it a review. It has pretty good reviews in the amazon store but would like some feed back for them forum community. Thank you in advance for your...
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    Fun Training Tool

    I don't know if anyone has tried playing real money pool yet but it is a great 14.1 training tool for pattern playing. I mean, if you can't even run more than 25 balls using a virtual reality system that allows you to see the exact angle of your shot than you must not be shooting the right...
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    Portland 14.1 League Starting

    Hello everyone, The Portland 14.1 league is starting at Sams Billiards. Feel free to sign up. Should be a lot of fun and it comes with perks to the bar. Its 85 dollars to sign up your first time and you get free table time from open to 7pm every day. They also have separate nicer balls to use...
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    Snooker Cue

    I would really like buy a decent snooker cue. Anything between 100-400 would be preferable. I am not looking to buy anything outside of the USA besides Canada maybe (I do not want any damages to accrue from long distance shipping). I am looking for something with Ebony and Snake wood and that...
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    Best Snooker I've Seen

    I found this video today which I am sure many of you have already seen, but if not check it out. Best snooker game I have seen yet. Ronnie O Sullivan vs Steve Davis. Enjoy.
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    Sometimes We Get Lucky

    I went to the bar this last weekend to get some practice in. I started out playing 9ball and on the first break the 9 goes straight into the corner. So I rack them up again real quick and I made the 9 on the break again, along with 3 other balls. Not only did I get the 9 ball in off my first two...
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    Billiards Video Game Idea

    I used to play a ton of Texas hold'em online for real money. What if they made a billiards game that was super realistic that you could bet real money on. Do you think this game would pick up popularity among pool players. Or even old timers who don't have the health to actually play the game...
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    AZB News!

    Anybody else see that Predator is doing the Gold Member give away with their new shafts that are coming out. Also they just released a bunch of free news articles going back 50 years to all gold members. If your not a gold member yet, now would be the perfect time to upgrade.
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    Its Good To See...

    It is good to see AZB more drama free with good threads getting constantly posted. Its actually starting to look like a pool forum!:sorry:
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    Stricklnad VS Van Boening Live Now

    Strickland VS Van Boening Live Now Its about to get underway. Who do you think will win? My money is on Van Boening.
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    Iphone US Open Streaming?

    Does anyone know if you can watch the live stream from a Iphone ?
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    Your Time To Shine

    Its your time to shine guys. Lets see what you got! Could be tables, cues, cases, hustling stories, any pool related stories, pool halls you own, vintage merchandise, videos of you owning some poor sucker, videos of you running rack after rack, ect ect. Don't be afraid to show off now. :thumbup: