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  • Hello Kevin, I just looked at my CP and noticed that you gave me some reps once again. I thank you and I agree with what you stated.

    hey kevin... thanks for the greenie. i will call you soon so you can start finding wood for a cue i hope you can make for me; just a warning - i need it about 18 oz. hope all is well with you and yours, best, miles
    Hey there Kevin...

    Long time no hear from...hope all is going well for you in NC...been meaning to get down there to play in some of the Jocoby Tournaments...maybe the GSB tour but life and kids has taken first place....glad to see you still turning wood...its what your good at!!

    I do have a question...i have been wanting to get a player shaft for my J/B cue you made for me...which by the way still gets comments on..and still breaks a ton... I just would like to have a shaft to fit it so that if something were to happen to my player shaft or when my Girlfriend wants to bang some i can slap a player shaft on it ...just let me know how much ..thanks

    jus wanted to say thanks for the break cue i picked up from ya at GJAYS. played the next match with it, and all i can say is holy SH!T. i fell in love. you've got a good thing going and i am more than happy to tell everyone bout it. thanx again. justin harris
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