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    Looking for a simile

    i'll take a shot(no pun intended): a well executed 3 cushion shot is akin to a well cast dry fly alighting softly exactly where you meant it to go and both demand lots of experience/effort to pull off. disclaimer i can't do either well but sure like to try
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    Pool cue gift!

    there's many important variables/options: joint type, shaft diameter, wrap, weight, etc. some players dislike like Predator(construction), Meucci(too whippy), Schon(too stiff), Joss(simple designs) for different reasons. i like the gift certificate idea a lot. well meaning friends have bought...
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    Jill Hawk cases-a hope for humanity story

    great story. great looking case.
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    Jill Hawk cases-a hope for humanity story

    Really great turn of events but without pics , it didn't happen.
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    family member was master sergeant in AF. staff suspected a guy was doing drugs. let's see: randomly test ages 35-42, males, e4 -e7, etc. it worked.
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    First and/or last cue a maker built

    i bought and still have the 1st cue sold by Carolina Custon Cues.
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    Are the best pool players also the most intelligent?

    Scientific American had an article in a pre-2000 issue about pool/billiards. an opinion was made that the average competent player was much more aware of applied physics than the average American. no mention made or implied regarding intelligence. i think experience goes a long way towards...
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    2 Mystery unknown cues ID if Possible

    bottom cue looks to be a Rich(New York) cue or an Abe Rich(Florida) cue. i think it's from New York era.
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    Johnson City/Kingsport TN

    some choices borderline billiards(my 1st choice in area) in bristol is a good room except when there's a nascar race. made that mistake once and only once. 628 STATE STREET BRISTOL, TN 37620 423-989-7665 Classic Billiards Billiards Club, Billiard Supply 429 W Walnut St, Johnson City, TN ·...
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    Chattanooga TN pool halls?

    cbceast also had a fine display of some great cues. been years since i've been there though.
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    How do I find the spine on my pool cue shaft?

    smoke and mirrors. much ado about nothing imho but you might use this:
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    Pool stuff you bought🤮, tried or used, and said never again.🤮

    a management guy at a chalk company once told me "there's a sucker born every minute"
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    that wet porsche reminded me to check my shimano scorpion dc reel i had to fish(no pun intended)...

    that wet porsche reminded me to check my shimano scorpion dc reel i had to fish(no pun intended) out of the lake today. hope the computer is okay cause i sure like the reel
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    The need for joint protectors?

    you never need a seat belt until you do. JP's the same
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    Funny pic/gif thread...

    well at least one woman knows what it feels like. relatively speaking.