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  • Hi i tried to respond to your PM about my titlist but it tells me you cant receive messages because your inbox is full. The joint is .835. Thanks Benji
    "old blank that was +.86 at the 29" mark" I'm not a particularly knowledgeable person in this field, so I'm not exactly sure what I'm reading. I'm guessing from your post that this has to do with length or diameter rather than weight? I do understand that 29" would be around the 1/2 way point .. where one would cut to convert to a two piece?

    I did send you a greenie for taking the time to give me the info. Sorry I'm too stupid ... (ummm maybe ignorant, or "lacking knowledge" would be more accurate) to completely understand. Anyway - thanks again.
    I'm looking for $280 for the case. It is in great condition. Tag is present, no key...I have never had one with a key...clasp works and few blemishes from its 30+year as a cue case.
    Your PMs are full. Please call me or leave me you number and I will call you.209 823-9444
    :grin-square:d000d. i wanna come bang some on your home table when we get free time!
    you should bet next time for sure.
    like i said before he beat me.
    i went home got my tooth fixed today and ill hit more
    balls before we play next time.
    table is tough and he plays good on it but ill play him for a long time on it.
    straight grain maple on a Tasc is the best, and it plays better too, much better.
    Ian -- It's been way too long. How do you look toward the end of next week for another 1P lesson? I've been playing Brian, but it's amateur hour for us.

    Hope all is well, and that you're still digging that new table.

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