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  • Your welcome, what pool room/w whom? I've got my own in the back yard, just finished it, and gonna give it one more swing, totally restored GCI 1 1/16'' slates. Had too turn down my last offer to play in the Worlds in 94 or 95, felt more important to raise my daughters and open pool rooms etc.
    Ever out this way, let me know, I'm right off the AK river, 7 min from the Hot springs/naked cept on family day and have a new boat for my 3 grandkids. Hope your well I know how we roll. PS If you would, give me some credits on my Island Drive profile, it's appreciated. I've got a guy in Pueblo I could sneak yah up on, got a 250,000 K settlement a few yrs back, burn injury. He plays banks pretty sporty, but wild and I think does chemical know. Summers ah comin', hope your well. Appreciate any comments on the Measles thread, JT pilots, got it in for me, I was a jerk a few yrs ago, still dealing with my past, No longer do I roll that way. Hope your well. bm
    Chris is the birthday boy today. My today bring you much joy and happiness. Blessings are coming your way.


    I have no plans to bet on this match as of yet but since you have played these guys I am guessing you have a pretty good line on it. I am really curious about your thoughts on the two players and why they are different, and if Shane improved enough to win this. Does the race to 100 benefit Shane as I am expecting? Sorry to bother you just really interested in watching this match and would love to know what you think.

    Thanks, Coming to St.Louis again soon? Would like to see you match up with Justin, heard they offered to play you. they went to knoxville to play hickerson and apparently it never happened.
    Yo Chris, LQQKing forward to meeting you and watching you play at the CCC 9-Ball tourney in Alvin,Texas June 24th -26th!

    see you there!
    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year Chris!, hope you make more tournaments in 2011, I know I am, well have a good one this weekend and be safe.

    chris, next time you come to vegas come to my house, Glen fixed the rails and they play perfect, you can get 9 rails but they arnt bouncy and they bank very accuratly-i have a friend who banks about your speed and he said they are perfect. Glen did one hell of a job on my box. so if you have time we should try and match up. i'll take 10/4 one pocket, thats how i play sylver. tell barry hello
    thanks for your answere, i hope your good, good job with the 1P game. i dont know if i'm going to the us open this year, i want to but my mind is other places, i havent made $$$ in 27 months, I'm playing bad 4 days and good 1 day so I'm not looking to play, and I'm about 2-18 on my last 20 rail bets. and spending a dime to go there to watch isnt my bag.

    tell Barry hello,

    take care,

    you sure are right about Terry Ardeno, I'd like to meet him too, i went to leave him a message and saw your message to him. anyways good luck to you as awalys I will be around here and there. I'm 50/50 on the us open this year.

    hey Chris, hope your doing good. the past 3 day's I havent had a back ache-thats a miracle. i'm going to start the gym and "see" what happens, i hope I can handle that as it will help my pool game and everything else.

    say hello to Barry, I saw Sarah here in Vegas at the APA, I think she was the strongest player there(from what I saw). I might go to the US Open. If not I will see you around. Hope everything goes your way.

    hey chris, are you really playing ten ball now, i have action on you playing one pocket, if the game changed, i have to contact some people before the match and confirm the bets, especially if its not streamed. They might not take vita play u ten ball.
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