14.1 Live Streaming at 12 Noon on 3-07-09


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Players entering 14.1 Straight Pool tournament

Guys - we usually get several very good 14.1 players in this tournament - our Arizona Rating System goes from 4 to 10 with three levels to the 10 level - most of the players plasying in this even are at least 8s and are capable of running a rack or two - we usually have 3 or 4 10s and a 10-1 plus several 9s

We have one local European player who is a 10, Mans Hulden, who has run 155 balls and Tom Neil a 10-1 who can run a 100 plus and we have a new 10, Andy Kachur who seems to be winning most everything he plays in lately. He won this tournament last month.

The matches are handicapped - the race is to the higher rated player's rating times 8 with the higher rated player giving the lower rated player a 10 ball spot per rating difference. So an 8 playing a 10 - the race is to 80 with the 8 starting at 20.

I hope this helps!

There will be a live chat available so you can ask questions.


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Thanks PT, I haven't seen a 14.1 tourney in some time -- this will be fun :woot: