2020 AZ Billiards Straight Pool Challenge!


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I got my high run up in the mid 50s when just fooling around, but whenever I turn on the video camera, I can’t get through the 3rd rack.

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i tried it on my valley, it seems about the same difficulty i have on a bigger table minus the long shot

i have a 6.5fter with 4-1/4 pockets, if i get past 2 racks i may post a vid for the sake of seeing 14.1 on a valley


55 yesterday afternoon...

I find myself tripping into dumb mistakes now, and I think I've figured out the reason. ....I'm trying to hard...lol.

More common than not, I'll try too hard to "get the angle" I need during the last few balls and end up waaay too straight to get any energy into the fresh rack. I think it's my 9/10 ball mindset causing me grief. I need to "play bad shape" to increase my odds of getting correct key ball angle.