2022 AZB Ghost Challenge - Official Thread


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I beat the 9 ball pro ghost 7-3 tonight. Two 3 packs and a final b&r. I think I only missed one shot - a curve shot. The other two losses were scratches iirc.

In my quest to retain my title as the clumbsiest pool player ever, I nudged the 5 ball in the last rack w my pinky finger ☹️

Here’s the video. Playing (mostly) with a beautiful Ginacue.

Edit: that white noise is the sound of the baby monitor on my phone, which I used to record the video. The white noise with no other sounds coming from that room is a beautiful thing lol

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9-ball ghost. 11-1. Video is processing, will post here. Missed one ball in about an hour and haven't done that in years. Very satisfying.

Full Length:
sped up 4X:



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@azhousepro can we get the 2023 thread stickied instead? The 14.1 HR threads need swapped as well. Thank you!