4th Annual Labor Day Weekend 9-Ball Shoot Out


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September 5-6 2015
Cambridge , Md
Great Slates- (410-221-7665)

$500 Added based on 64 players
100% Payback

$60 Entry
Double Elimination!!
Race to 7
Race to 9 Finals (one set)
Rack Your own
9 does not count on break
Alternate Break

Must be signed up before 11:30AM
Calcutta starts at 11:30AM

Payouts based on 64 players:
1st $1000
2nd $800
3rd $600
4th $400
5th $300
6th $300
7th $210
8th $210
9th $130
10th $130
11th $130
12th $130

Entry fees can be sent to:
Danny Bell
3549 Chateau Dr.
East New Market, Md 21631

My Cell is 443-521-4160

This has always been a great event for us. Take your family to the beach and come shoot some pool.

This will be another good turnout.

Hope to see everyone there


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Good luck to all...looking forward to reading all about it.

I rode my bike about 4000 miles, so far this year. Played about an hour of pool too!:eek:


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Congrats to Shaun WIlke 1st place, Matt Krah 2nd, and Josh Brothers 3rd.​