5 things I learned at the 2015 USBTC


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1. Big events are intimidating
Prior to this I had only played in local tournaments with people I had known for some time. Playing in this venue freaked me the hell out. I was a wreck for the first two matches in 10 ball and didn't really feel like I calmed down until 8-ball started on Friday. I am grateful for the experience but for beginners I will tell you it is very overwhelming.

2. CSI does a great job at running this event
CSI does a great job of putting on this event. I have no complaints. I will definitely participate in any future CSI events that I can knowing they put on a first class event. Also, I was fortunate enough to meet Ozzy, Bill and Justin and all were very nice even after they found out I was the annoying guy from the forums.

3. Pool players are surprisingly nice
Most of the people I played in matches were very friendly and in many cases we continued to talk and be friendly for the remainder of the tournament. Jeffrey Ignacio had the misfortune of being stuck in an elevator with me for several floors and had to put up with me complimenting him. He's very, very humble and a genuinely nice guy. I enjoyed meeting all the players in Reno even if everyone did beat the hell out of me on the tables.

4. I suck...a lot!
Even as a beginner, I knew I was playing way out of my weight class against almost anyone. However, I got handed some serious beatings at the USBTC. In fact, in my last 8 ball match I think I got 3 turns in 5 games and that's only because I got the first break and made a ball on all three breaks. Otherwise, I wouldn't have even gotten that. I have a whole new sense of how much I have to learn and work and I wasn't home 15 minutes before I was back to running drills. I am determined not to be as easy to beat next year.

5. You can't take your friends anywhere
In total, we had something like 20 people in Reno from our area and most were playing in one or more events. If you weren't sure, we were the obnoxious ones. Apparently we show up with more people each year so I'll just apologize in advance for 2016.


Only a couple of our players made it very far at all and in all cases ran into some professional players who ended their winning streaks pretty quickly. However, we all seemed to enjoy our beatings equally.

Thank you to everyone at CSI for putting on this event and thank you to all the players who made getting ground to dust an enjoyable experience. I will be back next year and most likely so will my friends.

Although, we still won't be able to get all of us in one place long enough for the group picture.



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It was nice to meet you this week. Hope you keep coming back and bring all your friends.


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It was nice to meet you this week. Hope you keep coming back and bring all your friends.

People are already talking about next year. We will be telling Reno stories for at least the next few weeks which is what got more people going this year than last year. At some point you guys will probably just stuff all of the Chico people in one tournament room and shut the door.


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I kind of like events like this. I figure my entry fee is long gone, I'm not expected to do progress very far so I've got nothing to lose. It's essentially a free roll for me. Let my calm demeanor make the opponent feel nervous and overwhelmed. :D

BTW, you are correct, CSI events are very well organized and run.

CSI - Ozzy

Thank you


It was great to meet you and it was refreshing to read about your positive experience. Thank you for the compliment. I am extremely proud of my staff as they worked hard all week and produced a great product. We made a couple mistakes during the week but we will learn from them and not repeat them next year.

This was without a doubt the most successful USBTC ever and people like you and your friends are the reason why! Thanks again and I hope to see you before next year!


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Pool is a tough tough game. And it's all mental. Congrats on playing in such a wonderful tournament. As for your losses pay no mind. I was actually the one who played you your last eight ball match, kody. I played flawlessly against you. You didn't even really have an opportunity. But before you take this the wrong way, let me reiterate how I played just a couple hours later against Rob Saez. I couldn't make a ball lol! So my best advice is to take your losses and fuel your fire. And look at it like,"next year I'll be a threat at that tournament." You played good, tournaments like this are for seasoning more than anything for players of our caliber. So keep hittin em. It was a pleasure to meet and play you. Seeya next year!
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