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@azhousepro maybe something you can absorb for the archives?

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AzB Silver Member
Silver Member
You want Clive absorbed? As it seems he would like to see the magazine to continue.


AzB Silver Member
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Rip print media.

It’s all going away.

Times change, printing costs, distribution are just cost prohibitive in the digital era we are now almost fully in. It’s not changing.

It’s sad for sure, but isn’t most death? And sometimes change. Just have to be glad for what we had and try to adapt and embrace the new way of doing things. Otherwise we will be stuck in the past.

Being stuck in the past is a quick route to misery. Swimming up stream so-to-speak.

Fatboy<——doing my best to adapt.


AzB Silver Member
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I think Clive is unique. It is unlikely that anyone could make a go of it without support from the tour, and then the magazine might not have the same independence.
Yes, I think that this is right. My impression over the years was that this was pretty much a labour of love on the part of Clive Everton; but there are a few others who might follow in his footsteps.

The independence point is an interesting one. There have been times in snooker's past where Clive's role in shining a light on the governing body's then very amateurish regulation of the sport was very important. Perhaps not so much of an issue now that the management has become much more professional and competent.