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The time has come for me to sell my table. We are downsizing to a smaller home and there is no room for it. I do have room for a 7' Diamond in the future. I've had this table for about ten years and had the Blue Label rail conversion done six years ago (Donny Wessels of West State Billiards). That included reducing the corner pockets to 4.25" and it is one tough table to play on. Pretty much a who's who of great players have played on this table, many of them for hours on end honing their skills for an upcoming tournament. The side aprons are signed by Shane, Dennis, Alex, Warren and Mika among others. Johnny, Carlo, Francisco and Kim D. played on it but I forgot to get them to sign the apron. One piece slate.

This sale will include the table, the Diamond light and the Brunswick cue rack (holds ten cues). Also included is a Diamond wood triangle, a good set of aramith balls and two bridges. I'll also throw in my ball cleaner. The dog is optional. My price is $6,000 firm, picked up here (all ground floor) at my home in Los Angeles. jayhelfert@yahoo.com, (310)370-3994 SOLD


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I'm now accepting offers on this table and light. It is the Pro-Am with one piece slate.
***The table itself is top tier.
***The table's history is of the highest tier.
***But...Its priced like it is just another Diamond table.

It's mind boggling that your table has not sold to a local buyer.

Seriously folks, if you are local to that table, what are you waiting on?

I can understand people that live a lllooonnnggg ways off (i live in Alabama) and/or already have a table (i already have a 9' diamond) not pulling the trigger....., but all of the many local players that don't already own a table should be fighting over who gets it.

If I didn't already have one and my wife wouldn't kill me due to the shipping charge.... I would seriously consider the purchase.

Times must be harder than I thought.


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Aside from being a first class table… IT’S AVAILABLE. No waiting. Waiting for a table is as bad as waiting for a car to be built/delivered.

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I'll mention the table to Lee at Buffalo Billiards in Norcal the next time I see him. They go to SoCal every now and then for jobs, he also has a few 7' Diamonds...maybe you guys can work something out.