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I just wanted to share a quick story with the rest of the community.

A little while back, I shipped my cue off for a simple refinish and rewrap. I knew ahead of time that my order was towards the end of his list, as he had quite a bit on his shop's plate already. No biggie. Along with the clear, I also asked for a couple extras to be added on. My final order came out to some custom jp's, the refinish/rewrap, a signature to be added in one of the windows, and if possible, to touch up some glue lines.

I spoke with Chris yesterday, calling to get a final price for the work so I could send him payment. Thats when he informed me that he wasn't satisfied with the work that he had let leave his shop, and wanted to know if I would accept his offer to rebuild my cue's forearm (which is where the rough glue lines were) on his dime!

I could tell in his voice when we spoke over the phone that he was hesitant about something, so at first I was a little worried, but what a surprise!

Thank you, Chris. Your cues play amazing and you've been a pleasure to do business with over the years.

- Danny


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I think Chris is a heck of a guy and a great cue maker. a few years back I had ordered a cue to have made for me. during the course of the year while the cue was in progress I was diagnosed with cancer. I had a hard time to say the least, couldn't work, in and out of the hospital you get the picture. well I was in the hospital in critical condition battling a staff infection in my stomach when my cue was done. my 12 year old son had seen the email from Chris. my son told him what was going on and Chris was so nice to him and very understanding of the situation. Chris refunded my deposit even though we had asked him to keep it, sent me a get well card and sent my son one of the nicest emails you could ever read telling him what a good job he was doing taking care of me and his little brother.... yes in my book chris is a good man. I haven't yet been able to have him make me another cue but the day will come.


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I have a great experience with Chris myself:smile:
Well,some time ago I ordered a big cue from Chris.My wishes were that the cue should be built in Native American design with some fancy ringwork and lots of exotic materials as tourquise,malchite,copper...
I sent him a deposit and was waiting to be finished.At the time when it finally was finished I found myself in some financially problems and had no money to make the final payment,rest to the balance.
Beside that I was going out of Croatia for a tournament and all this ws botherirng me very much.
I was thinking about what and how should I write Chris and had no any clue how would he react.
I called him and he was more than pleasent and nice to talk.He wasn't angry at all and that weren't just empty words.He really wasn't.
He told me to pay him when I can and that the cue will be waiting for me.
I felt fantastic and so happy because I would not lose the cue which was fantastic piece of art.
Fortunately,my financial problems was solved very soon and I finally sent him the rest of money.
When the cue arrived I was stunned with workmanship although I had seen it even before on photos.In person was even better than on photos although I thought this couldn't be so.
The playability is fantastic as everything on it.
There is no anyone who had an opportunity to see this cue in person and not to be stunned with it.
Each any conversation I had with Chris was amazingly nice and beside the fact he is an extraordinary cuemaker,he is very helpful guy and would say very warm person who would do whatever it takes to make a customer satisfied.
Actually dealing with him you wouldn't feel just like a customer but more as a friend of his.:smile::smile::smile:
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I live about 20 minutes from Chris, he does all my cue work and he is a great guy to deal with. He has always taken great care of my cues. I would highly recommend him to anyone who needs cue work, he has put several leather wraps on my cues and they were all great.


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Thank you guys for sharing these messages of a positive nature...it's a very "refreshing" thing to see on here. :)


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I had a great experience with Chris as well when I had my gambler cue built. He was great to work with and helped me design a heck of a cue. Glad to hear so many other positive experiences!:thumbup:


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Chris rebuilt an abused cue (one of his actually) that I bought second hand. He replaced the broken buttcap and redid the a joint. It was a new cue when it came back to me.

Great guy to deal with, one of the best in my opinion.


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Chris Nitti cues are exceptional for playability, fit & finish, and he is one of my top favorites


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One of the cue makers that I really dig his style/designs.

Definately! A lot of the customs out there look similar to me, and pretty boring. I can always tell a Nitti when I see it. He has nice, original, but not gaudy designs that I really like. As soon as I get the spare money, that's my first stop for a custom of my own.

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How about that? Class act, all the way.

Reminds me of the time I was in Galveston, back when Two Tooth Sally was alive.
I was in her hot pillow joint one night, having a cocktail with one of the girls. Just as we were about to go upstairs a typhoon came threw and we all scrambled for the root cellar.
Later, to make up for my "faire l'amour interrompue", Sally gave me two free passes.
What a gal. :)


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To re-iterate, while yes he may not be the most pleasant person to play (not many of us are, including myself) he is definately the best cuemaker around, and I don't hesitate to recommend him to anyone that is looking for work. I just did the other day in fact. so sorry chris didn't mean to offend, it's just how we are, but I do totally respect your skills and I know you take care of your customers.


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chris has been great to work with
his cue is my player...:smile:
his cues play amazing/ his work is impeccable /and his prices are fair...:)