abe rich cue 4 points and veneers?


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i bought this cue and another rich cue from a guy in florida quite a few years back. he said he bought them both directly from abe, and gave me a pic of abe holding the other cue.

i know that abe did not make many cues with points and was wondering if anyone can verify that this one is actually one of his. he also bought and sold some imports.

does anyone have any of abe's pointed cues? pics please?


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I've seen pictures of one of Abes cue with veneered points.Just looking at the cue it sure looks like one of Abes.Hope this helps....RICK.


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It looks like a Rich joint for sure - can you post better pictures of the points - need some lighting? I'm trying to figure out if its a conversion of some kind.


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Abe Rich Cues

Rich cues are different from Abe Rich's Star Cues.
I've attached a photo of a similar cue and another photo with the bumper I most often see on Abe's cues. Notice, this conversion has a different bumper from the norm in it as well.
Abe didn't sign many cues and, as far as I know, didn't have a logo that he put on his cues after leaving the "Florida Cues" name behind. In my opinion, it certainly could be one of his conversions.
If you'd like to mic the ID of the joint collar I'll compare it to some of the joint collars I have from his shop and see if it matches.


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