Alfie taylor's shooting air balls

Alf Taylor

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Hey to my AZB friends who received a copy of my
EDDIE TAYLOR AND THE LEGENDS OF POOL DVD that didn't play. My apologies for the company that goofed. Write me and I'll send another.
For the winners of my last givaway, you should receive your copy this coming week.
Keep it nice. Alfie


Work Hard, Be Humble. jbk
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You are a very kind and generous man Alfie. Thanks for your amazing contribution to the sport.


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Mr. Taylor

Hello There,

If I read this post correctly , U have a video that includes video of your friend the Great Eddie Taylor.
Is that correct?

When I was a kid, my father and I watched Eddie play at the One Hole Championships at Cochrans in San Francisco.
Your friends banking skill was the reason that I took banking very seriously.

A True Fool4Pool,