American players in China


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svb corey are there


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I'm assuming this is for a Chinese 8-Ball event? I thought Shane disliked the game, or maybe he's getting appearance $$. Either way, good to see him abroad.
Speaking of broads, is the one in the white dress an amputee? :shocked2:


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Is that a giant in the far left, or is it true that all Chinese people are only half as tall?:confused:

I’m a six Northern China, this height is common.


Seven feet, nine inches....Sun Mingming


Seven feet, six inches....Yao Míng

I tried to bum a few bucks off them...but they said they were a little short...:angry:


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??? I lived in Colorado for three years and never heard of him.

Short Bus Russ
He lives in Atlanta now but originally hailed from there. He qualified for China by winning Ed Liddawi’s New Jersey qualifier (Jeff lived in NJ too). I know he’s played in state championships in CO and NJ.