An amazing collection of pool tapes for sale


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Hi Folks,

It doesn't look like I'll be getting back into pool, since I'm stuck
here, and pool is virtually dead around here. I may kick myself
a few years from now, but anyway, this is my stash of pool
tapes and DVDs. Mostly instructional, but some very cool
and rare stuff too. Also, 12 Accustat matches.

I'm putting a detailed list together, but I figured I'd post a
picture, and let folks know that the stuff is going up for sale.

I'm finding it difficult to estimate the worth of these items.
I've got 20 Kinister tapes, and I paid about $20 for each.
I've got 3 Grady Mathews tapes (Finer Points of One Pocket,
The Finer Points of Pool, and One Pocket The Finishing Touch.
One of those still has th $29 sticker on it. Whew.


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The accustat matches

Sorry for the picture quality, I'll try to get better ones.


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Accustats Tapes - Oh Boy, what have I done? :)

I've got a bunch of PMs and and some replies... I'm trying
to sort them out right now, and it's getting a little messy!

I looked on ebay, and saw some accustats tapes for $19.99
so I'm thinking $150 for all 12 tapes plus shipping costs.

I hope I get this correct, the order of dibbs is:

matt90 12:48
johnf_34 12:58
kyboy 1:29
jhendri2 1:34
1ononepooltourneys 2:27
poolhustler 2:39

I hope I'm not starting any trouble. I will do some research and
come up with prices for other other stuff.


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Gee, did I get myself into a pickle?

Now I feel like I got myself into a little pickle.

I guess the proper thing to do is to wait until each of the six folks
that I listed, contacts me (or posts) as to whether or not they are
interested. And, I should annotate the list accordingly.

Oh boy, I think I learned a lesson...


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It may be tough to sell all 12. I already have the Andam vs Varner match. I don't know if it is any help to you, but the last batch of accu-stats that I bought on AZ were about 7 dollars a piece for vhs. I know it doesn't seem like much, especially when I remember paying 25 dollars a tape back in the late 90s. Please send me an offer, or let me know what tapes I can buy. If other posters want to buy some, go ahead and spread the knowledge with them and let me know how many I can buy.


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Man... Recessions are tough...

Man... I thought they'd be worth more, but it seems the
economy has really affected the market for just about

OK, I have not got any PMs after pricing the tapes at
$150, but it's the weekend, and perfect weather, at least
around here...

SO, in my attempts to be fair to the folks that already expressed
an interest, I will wait until 2:30 AM Eastern, as some folks might be
out for the day, and if they are pool fanatics, probably playing
tonight, being it is Saturday. If any of those folks listed
accep the offer as is, I will honor it, and will accept the
one who had contacted me first in the order posted previously.

I hope this is fair... And I apologize again, if I've done wrong...

Please post a reply, not a PM, so the other folks know...

I will lower the price at 2:30 AM if there are no replies...


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partial trade possibility

Hi Folks,

I wanted to point out that I would be willing to discuss a
partial trade towards a large lot of tapes. With the computer
field so messed up, and me being out of work for so long, I
am gravitating towards music as a career.

I am in need of a cheap, but decently playable electric guitar,
and cosmetics are not completely important. When I mean cheap, last
week I was looking at a used Fender Affinity Squire for $90,
but did not ha ve enough cash on me to make a deposit, and
it was sold when I went back 2 days later. :)

So, if you've got a cheap non-broken, electric laying around,
that you are not using, please feel free to contact me.
like the one I missed, I prefer 24 frets, and humbuckers. That
darn middle pickup on the Fender was right where I pick, and it
was driving me crazy. (Plus I was surprised at the lack of the extra 2 frets)

I need this as a backup guitar to a BC Rich, so the more it plays like
one, the better. Mine is in need of lots of work, and I can't play it
while working on it.
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price lowered on the 12 accustats tapes

Hi Folks,

The 12 accustats tapes are available, for $125 shipped to US.

I expect to have a detailed list of the other tapes and DVDs
with prices, by tomorrow afternoon.

Thanks for your interest, everyone! :)


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cheap guitar

you can get really great deals on guitars from pawn shops. I picked up an Ibanez RG for like $50. It works and plays great. I mostly needed it so I could sit and practice scales but I love playing it.


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I wish!

Yeh, I wish we had pawn shops around here! We had a store
called "Cash Converters" for a while, but they closed it down.

The nearest pawn shop I know of is over 20 miles away, and
I'm stuck without transportation, excluding my bicycle.

Thanks for the advice though...


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oops, price lowered on 12 accustats tapes

I forgot to mention that I'll lower the price on the
12 accustats tapes to $110 shipped to continental US.

I'm not familiar with out-of-USA shipping, but I'm flexible, and
will discuss this. We have a UPS store, and of course a
post office nearby. :)

Still working on the detailed list, almost done, but some of
the tapes will not be listed, since I can't determine what they
are actually worth.


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detailed list of the other tapes/DVDs

Hi Folks,

It's tearing me up a little thinking of parting with all this stuff,
especially after reading some of the main forum posts, and
remembering how much I loved (love?) pool.

These are the remaining (non-accustat) videos, and until I can
determine their market worth, I'll accept offers.

VHS Movies

Kiss Shot
Secrets of Pool Hustling (signed by Pretty Boy Floyd, to me)
How To Hustle Without Getting Hustled
Hard Knuckle (very rare)
The Pool Hustlers (Italian with English subtitles)
Bar Table Billiards (Dave Matlock, Johnny Archer, Steve Mizerak)
Poolhall Junkies

DVD Movies

The Baron and the Kid
Dick Van Dyke Show (3 episodes, 1 is Hustling the Hustler)
Shooting Gallery
Up Against the 8
The Hustler - Special 2 Disk set

Grady Tapes
The Secrets of Money Pool
The Finer Points of Pool
The Finer Points of One Pocket
One Pocket - The Finishing Touch


Capelle on Nine Ball, DVD with book, Long match w Archer/Reyes with analysis

Bert Kinister (all are VHS)

01 - The 60 Minute 9-Ball Workout
02 - Run Out 9-Ball
03 - Secret 9-Ball Knowledge
04 - Bert's 10 Best Hustles
05 - Building the Six Pointer Star
06 - Using the Six Pointed Star
07 - Building the Interior of the Star
08 - Using the Nine Pointed Star
11 - Advanced Fundamentals
12 - The Mighty X
13 - Rock Around the Clock
15 - Winning Safeties for 1996
16 - Bank Shots for 8-Ball and 9-Ball
17 - The Speed tape
19 - The Deflection Tape
21 - Winning Patterns for 9-Ball and 8-Ball
24 - Kicking for Cash
25 - Winning Safeties for 1999
46 - Professional Shotmaking and Pattern Drills #1
50 - Secret 8-Ball and 9-Ball Patterns


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everyting still available

Hi Folks,

Everything listed is still available. I got some pretty low offers
and had to turn them down.

I'm thinking $150 for the 20 Kinister tapes, which is a steal
considering what I paid for them, and what they sell for new.
Most have only been viewed a few times, but volumes 1,2,3
have some outside wear, but play just fine.

For those who don't know about Bert Kinister's tapes, they are
really amazing.

Anyway, offers are welcome. Folks local to MA are welcome to pickup in person...