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  • "There is only one perfect way. Buy in person only. I will not buy a cue unless I've seen it in my hands. Period. No escrow service needed. That's just my personal preference tho." ~Dave Sutton
    Not even you would order a cue from yourself. Nice. Wish you would have told me that when I sent you my money.
    Cant give you rep, have to spread it around. Love the case, hope you are doing well.
    Hi Rex, I definitely would like to meet you but I can't make it for the Seminole ( same wekend as my daughter's school play) so it will have to be at a future date.
    I just got mine and it seems to have plenty of room in it, will take it on my trip to Vegas and also SBE if I make it out there.
    Hi bud, not yet, its on its way, hopefully I have enough room in it to carry 2-3 days of clothes for when I go on a trip or something. How is the material on it?, is it durable and well made?
    Hey! i am heading down to SF in the may time, when i get back from a deployment i was wondering if i could shoot a couple of games with you, or if you know of some great halls to go to! thank you!
    sorry i didnt see your email,

    i will look again,

    i'm in Germany-when I get back I will follow up with you

    Happy Christmas,
    eric :)
    did u see the message i left you in a REP last week??? :)

    pls email or call me 702-241-8000 or


    eric :) :)

    ps, dont listen to Sam he is full of.....just kidding, he is a great guy. i'm comming to N.Ca next week for a few days, i just couldnt squeeze in the cue show. I will try again next year. i want to bring some big wood to share with the guys(where I started playing in (85-91).
    i think i'll take you up on that. i'm i think i'll take you up on that offer for the 5th. i played great, for me, when i played Jim Pierce. he plays pretty well too imo. he started getting out really consistently toward the end of the night. in the beginning he would make a mistake and i'd get out. he'd make a mistake and i'd get out.... then in the end that switched. man you should have seen the out i did on the first set case game. 3 ball carom into the side playing shape for sending the next ball (because i had to send it around to make the the 1st OB. no joke i got out like houdini. i might be exaggerating a little but seeing as i play once a week (if that) it was great for me.

    what's up with the different font for your handle?
    that tonkin that the guy got was a great looking cue! ****ed up cue market isn't going to let him get what he should get for it though. he plays with a great playing jack madden. that's why he's selling it!
    you see the tonkin that got raffled off at the hardtimes tournament? sick cue. i beat the guy who won it out of 20 (40 really but he says i sharked him so i let him have that set).

    i played jim pierce until 4ish am. before in the true nit style of stockton ca i quit him stuck!lol. i pulled, basically, a double all nighter and ran out of gas. he started to get stronger as the night went on. i showed a little weakness and he pounced on it. you ever see little al play? guy plays strong! 70 years old and he'd have to give me the world for me to get up and donate to him!
    i'm pretty sure i ran into your buddy nightmare freddy yesterday. he asked me to play some right as i was leaving
    hay man what's crackin? you have any interest in getting one of those new OB shafts that're coming out? i'm planning on getting one (5/16-14) for my mezz to try out. if you want to try it out let me know. if i like it im going to get one for my bcm. mason said it'll be about 4 months till i get my cue from him. i'm so stoked i can't think about it without wanting to call to bug the poor guy to see how it's coming,lol. so in about 5 months i'll have a new baby.

    you wanna play some this weekend? txt me man i could use the work out
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