Another free pool book raffle


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There are duplicates. Please check to make sure you dont miss out.
Make sure your name and number are listed


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This is another FREE pool book superbowl raffle.
This is what YOU need to do.
1. Pick the total number of points that will be scored in the Super Bowl. Teams dont matter. Winner doesnt matter. Just total points including any overtime.
2.YOU must keep track of any number already chosen. I will try to update.
3. If you are the winner you must pm any mailing information.

I will send the book. I will pay the postage. I can only send to the lower 48, unless winner wants to pay for shipping.

Bob Jewett pointed out that shipping to Alaska and Hawaii is reasonable, so I will ship there also....

1 banger ( this i have to see)
27 kentucky rack
28 Bob Jewett
37 forabeer
38 fastone371
39 klink
41 das cue boot
42 randyinhawaii
43 huricane145
44 lucky q ball
45 kobachi
47 cjlo
48 theattendant
49 nicksaint
50 aballky
51 bioxy boy
53 bullshooter
54 gcmortal
56 tooler
57 justadub
58 measureman
59 twocyl
61 baloxybloy
62 z nole
65 ipoppa33
69 fisherman
79 buckshotshoey
I’ll say 52