Another free pool book raffle


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Check your entry. Make sure I haven’t missed anyone. Make sure you are not one of the double entries.

Bob Jewett

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Somehow I was expecting the Super Bowl to happen yesterday. Is it moving later and later each year or is that my imagination? Will it be the new March Madness?

Bob <-- not so happy with my 28

Das Cue-Boot

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So most everybody has their projected total scores in for the game this weekend. Here are some totally useless stats for you about past Super Bowl scores:

Average total score: 46.1 points

Highest total score: 1995 when San Francisco beat San Diego 49-26

Lowest total score: 2019 when New England beat LA Rams 13-3

Most common scores (each three times): 31, 37, 47, 56

There are 24 scores between the high and low that have never occurred in a Super Bowl.


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Stu which book would you take? You should writing a book
I'd take the Byrne's standard book. I recently gave my copy away and regret having done so.

Hope you're well, my friend.