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In pool hall gambling there is " etiquette"(SP) For instance, pay as you play. After each game or set always pay off if you loose that way there is no hard feelings or arguments. Another one in our neck of the world is if you win big pay the loosers time....both of these i get but i never have understood the " you cant quit now, your up 200 bucks give me a chance to win it back" statements..

I didnt stand there for 3 hours and grind out a 200 or 300 dollars advantage to stay there all night and let you try to win it back. I figure if you cant win it off me to start with you cant win it then either. Most of the time what will happen is one player(usually me because that my luck )gets tired, bored or in a hurry to get home and ends up rushing shots or just plain not concentrating and looses.

I think the whole dont quit a winner idea is B.S. ! if i have to go ill say " hey i gota go in a hour or 2 " and after that im gone no matter how much im up or down.

whatda u guys think ?


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I doubt everyone will ever feel the same way about this.

I doubt everyone will ever feel the same way about this.

A really great player whom I learned a lot from, would always give the loser a chance to
get his money back at the end by flipping a coin. A rare example, but a true one, and it
just goes to show you how opinions differ.


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Do warn if you are leaving but . . .

Do warn when you will be leaving soon but I like an ol' varmints way of thinking, "You lost it that much at a time, you have to win it back the same way! I'll let people double the last bet but I won't let them play for all that they have lost if it is much more. Of course I called my way of grinding chopping wood and like chopping wood I expected to have some dollars to show for it when I was done.



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I feel the same way

I feel the same way about not raising the bet too much
near the end. In fact, if I can, I prefer to keep the bet
the exact same, and maybe double it near the end as
the previous poster mentioned.

Some "hustlers" love to toy with people for quite a while
for a very low bet, and then turn on the heat near the end.
Keeping the bet near the same amount prevents the
"hustler" from getting that opportunity.


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This problem can be avoided by freezing up a pre-agreed amount before play. Either player is free to quit then.
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