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  • Hello Hu, oh Just tell Terry hello and all's well, good to here from ya, I just drop in on AZB every now and again, most times I don't sign. I play pool as usual about once every 3-6 months, I'll look and see if I can find your e-mail I know I have it......laters Hu........David
    Hi Hu,

    Check your regular emails...I sent you one about two weeks ago, nothing earth shattering...just a quick it's in "spam"....Hope that you're okay.

    Hello Hu, how ya doing? just got back from my camping/hunting trip, had a great time as usual, got on AZ and saw a post of yours so thought I'd let ya know I was thinking about ya!, guess you got off never see ya on anymore, oh well you aren't missing anything much, hope all is well with you , I'm doing fine!.....laters…….David Harcrow
    Well. this reply to Blah Blah is one of my first or my first visitor post. I didn't see a way to reply!

    I have noticed you visit every three or four years. You seem just like my family!

    Dude, WTF is a penguin? Thanks for the green. I just don't post as much anymore and rep even far less, now that the whoring has stopped. ;) Hope alls well Hu!
    Happy Birthday to one of my favorite AzBilliards members. Do something cool today and enjoy yourself to the fullest! Wishing you a very, very, very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
    Happy Holidays. I tried to give you Rep. AZB says I need to spread it around first. Thanks for the shout out on the post.

    We've never met (that I know of) but I really appreciatte your many reps on different topics. You and I, see eye to eye on just about everything.
    I've tried repping a few times, especially when Smorg was still alive, but I gave up in frustration...too many hoop's to jump through.

    Anyway, thanks again and I hope we get to meet sometime, not too far off.


    PS..I sometimes go for months without checking reps, so I'm sure I probably have missed some. Are they irretrievable once they scoll off ?
    Jim Baxter
    Shoot with 16 oz . I also shoot with 16.4 oz . I had a guy show up at ship wanting 10 Butts , he had shafts , . 4 point sneeky petes , all under 11 oz . we did this , all under 11 oz . with shaft under 15 oz .
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