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Went to Barnes and Noble's last Saturday and picked up a new one.

It's called "The Best Damn Pool Instruction Book, Period!" by BCA Certified Instructor Ron Schneider. 227 pages, paperback, Fredrick Fell Publishers.

Thumbing thru it at the store, I saw lots of overhead examples of banking tracks and kicking tracks. Some I had never seen. Definitely something to tinker with on a rainy day.


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Well I have used your site to compile my collection so here it is. I don’t own The lions and the Lambs or The Wonderboys, I would appreciate any leads on were to purchase one if anyone has one for sale at a reasonable price. I know alot of these books are already listed on the site just trying to give a little back........The best way I found to locate books was searching the ISBN # on Google/yahoo. These are non-instructional billiard/pool related books /biographies. Please let me know if you are aware of anymore. I have found during my searching that differrent print versions 1st-2nd editions hardback and paperbacks ect... sometimes have different ISBN #'s Hopefully all this info is accuratre Im pretty sure it is.
All the McGoorty books are the same.Thanks,

1. The Green Felt Jungle Publisher: Gerald Huber (January 2001) ISBN: 9832282195 By Gerald E. Huber
2. The bank shot, and other great robberies Publisher: Playboy Press ASIN: B0007DNIZ4
Rudolf Walter Wanderone by (Tom Fox)
3. *Players: Con Men, Hustlers, Gamblers and Scam Artists Pub:Thunder's Mouth PressISBN:1560253800
By Stephen Hyde (Editor),Geno Zanetti (Editor)
4. Hustler Days: Minnesota Fats, Wimpy Lassiter, Jersey Red, and America's Great Age of Pool
By R. A. Dyer Publisher: The Lyons Press ISBN: 1592281044
5. Cornbread Red: Pool's Greatest Money Player
By Bob Henning Publisher: Bebob PublishingISBN: 1887956344
6. McGoorty: A Pool Room Hustler (Library of Larceny)Pub:Broadway;Reprint editionISBN: 076791631X
By Robert Byrne
7. Byrne's Book of Great Pool Stories Publisher: Harvest BooksISBN: 015600223X
By Robert Byrne (Editor)
8. McGoorty: A Pool Room Hustler (Total/Sports Illustrated Classic Series)
By Danny McGoorty, Robert Byrne--Publisher: Total SportsISBN: 1892129493
9. Playing Off the Rail: A Pool Hustler's Journey Publisher: Harper PaperbacksISBN: 0380729237
By David McCumber
10. Runout Publisher: Writers Club PressISBN: 0595271901
By: Richard M. Koff
11. Stroke: A Novel Publisher: Redbud Publishing ISBN: 0972029346
By: Carlos Ledson Miller
12. Road Player Publisher: Bebob Publishing ISBN: 1887956263
By: Jerry Forsyth
13. Do It for the Game Publisher: Merrimack PublishingISBN: 0966079434
By: Robert Campbell
14. Pool: History, Strategies, and Legends Publisher: Friedman/Fairfax ISBN: 1567990614
By: Michael Ian Shamos
15. ** Ronnie: The Autobiography of Ronnie O'Sullivan Publisher: Orion Books Limited ISBN: 0752858807
By Ronnie O'Sullivan, Simon Hattenstone
16. The Hustler Publisher: Harper;1st ed(1959) ASIN:B0007DLI0GPub(2006): Four Walls Eight Windows; Reissue ed-
By Walter Tevis -ISBN:1560254734Pub: Dell Pub.Co(1964)ASIN B0007DS3D6Pub:Buccaneer Books(1979) ISBN: 1568490445(librarybinding)
17. The Color of Money Publisher: Warner Books (August 1984) ISBN: 0446323535--(1997)(2003)(1986)diff.
By Walter Tevis
18. The Pool Room Publisher: E-Booktime ISBN: 1932701214
By Sid Ragland
19. The Wonderboys ?????self published ? looking for a copy……
By Mike Mason
20. Bet High and Kiss Low ?self published ? isbn? aval@ gradymatthews.com
By Grady Matthews
21. Hustlers Beats and Others Publisher: Doubleday Anchor (1969) ISBN: 0385034008
By Ned Polsky
22. Rags to Rifleman, Then What ? Huckleberry Publishing ASIN: B000BP3524
By W.W. Woody
23. The Lions and The Lambs; Pool players and the game today ISBN: 0498073882 EAN: 9780498073885 Publisher: A. S. Barnes
By Thomas Frensch
24. Billiards(Hustlers and Heroes,Legends and Lies,and the Search for Higher Truth on the Green Felt)
By John Grissim ISBN: 0312078625 Publisher: Book Sales EAN: 9780312078621
25. McGoorty: (A Billiard Hustler's Life) Publisher: Citadel Press (October 1984) ISBN: 0806509252
By By Danny McGoorty, Robert Byrne
26. McGoorty: (The Story of a Billiard Bum) Publisher:Lyle Stuart(June 1972) ISBN: 0818400560
By Robert Bryne
27. McGooty/B-129 Publisher: Billiard Library Co (June 1982) ISBN: 9990396086
By Danny McGoorty
28. Hard Rain Falling Publisher: Fawcett Crest (1967) ASIN: B000DCNQ9C
By Don Carpenter
29. Something Rising (Light and Swift)Publisher: Free Press (January 6, 2004) ISBN: 0743247752
By Haven Kimmel
30. Sticks (*Children-Teen*)Publisher: Delacorte Books for Young Readers ISBN: 0385321651
By Joan Bauer
31. Whats Happening My Junior Year? (*Children-Teen*)Publisher: Avon Books; Reprint(October 1987)
By Judith St.George ISBN: 0380703769
32. Hampster Tales Publisher: Authorhouse (May 30, 2005) ISBN: 1420845764
By David E. Malone
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It would be tedious but perhaps instructive to determine the average eBay prices paid for all of those books.

For example, Eddie Robin's Winning One Pocket is going for $125 or $195 (2nd ed.) right now. I've seen the 1st ed. sell for nearly $400.

The Complete Idiot's Guide (what sort of people call themselves idiots?) is going for around $10.

99 Critical Shots is as low as $4.55.

Willie Mosconi on Pocket Billiards can be had for $3.66, while Minnesota Fats on Pool is just 99 cents.

eBay does not have the best book bargains, BTW. Amazon's used sellers do.
I have an original "Mister 100" by Ceuelemans if anyone is interested. The only original one I ever saw on ebay sold for over $500 so that is my price. A well made hardback in many languages. Precise diagrams. With the precision displayed here it is no wonder that he is who he is.

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cdmexposer said:
I have an original "Mister 100" by Ceuelemans if anyone is interested. The only original one I ever saw on ebay sold for over $500 so that is my price. A well made hardback in many languages. Precise diagrams. With the precision displayed here it is no wonder that he is who he is.
You might get that much for it, but for those who are not collectors, the new edition, which is just out now, will be cheaper. As for eBay, I've seen six up for auction with the most recent one selling for $130. The highest was a signed copy for $450.