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  • I think that's right. Not why I am doing it, but surely the reaction, I agree. Thanks again!
    Thanks again!

    It's only because there is so much combustible material to work with. Heh!
    They badly need to upgrade their talking points. Wait, not with their target audience, they don't!!! Lol!
    They only know their own little world. They do complain a lot for a bunch of guys that tell you to man up.
    Thanks for the rep. I'll be in and out. Hard work over here. That's for sure.
    It's an old, possibly bad habit I picked up in junior high school. We used to call it a chopping contest. I have found out another name for it is 'the dozens,' but mainly among the brothers. I did ok with it, back in the day. On occasion the right provocation brings it back out to play.
    Always great to have you check in with encouragement.

    Live long and prosper!
    Nothing that a band aid and a little green couldn't fix! He's sent the only reds I've received, formally.

    Thanks, and may God bless you and yours.
    Once again, I appreciate it very much! No actual red rep was given, just the attempted red ass. And it was a failing effort in my view. Best wishes for your New Year as well, TX!

    Thanks for the rep...But I don't know (or remember) what I said because I can't access that thread anymore....It must've been closed by Mr. Wilson for something said. I hope it wasn't something I said.

    Thanks for the replacement rep. I swear I wasn't fishing for that, but I appreciate it!
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