Ball return versus drop pockets


I'm still struggling with the notion that someone would refuse to play on a DP. So far the only advantage for BR is player time savings of what...?..., possibly 30sec a rack...?

I think I have played a handful of times on a BR table, and it usually costs me just as much time as a "manual" DP would realizing that I'm on a BR and I'm reaching into pockets feeling for something that's at the other end of the

So if we Pro/Con'd it....

Pro BR:
-time savings (although most places charge by the hour)

Con BR:
-additional costs
-irritating based on game
-additional ball wear
-call overs by customers when it jams up and you're busy

-Take the top to categories and flip the pros with the cons

Seems like a complete no brainer to me. Why pay more for your equipment when the literally the only advantage is potentially getting your customers out the door


Thought I'd add this because I actually experience a 9ft BR Diamond last night. First time on a BR in easily 20yrs....

Right out of the gate, as I remembered, I managed to stick my hand into two pockets before realizing it was indeed a BR. About 5 racks in, I thought to myself..., "maybe there's something to having a BR". As I did find it very convenient when just swinging at balls. The at about the 6th rack I lost 'my' chalk down the side pocket.

I don't play with expensive chalk but I do wear them in, in my own special way. Losing it was very annoying. Think I'll stick with BD


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Ball return. When they get stuck it’s usually because someone drops chalk into one of the pockets. 1 pocket is not the only game on the planet. Think about the rest of the games. 8 ball, nine ball? They benefit from ball returns. Only real advance I see from drop pockets is that if you are just shooting balls then you can throw them out from the pockets. Otherwise it’s roll down all the way.

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1P is not the only game, it’s THE game:smile:


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I wish I could play it more. Especially these days.

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At the point when they stall out, it's normally on the grounds that somebody drops chalk into one of the pockets. 1 pocket isn't the main game on the planet. Consider the remainder of the games. 8 balls, nine-ball? They profit by ball returns. The main genuine development I see from drop pockets is that in the event that you are simply shooting balls, at that point you can toss them out from the pockets. Something else, it's moving down as far as possible.


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My home table had DP. I didn't like catching my nails on the leather netting so I changed to Returns.
Really cheap way and VERY easily to retrieve chalk, stuck balls are unheard of but still easily remedied. Ball dropping sound was same as DP & the ball rolling down the chute was almost nonexistent.
The only irritation is once a year the returns need dusting. End-Dust on a rag, slide it one end to the other, 2 sides and done in 1 minute.
What did I use? Home PVC rain gutters.
I used brown & really couldn't see it since it hid behind the apron board.
BUT IF that's a concern, wood tone contact paper is your friend.
Cost? Early 90s, under $15.00 total.

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Ball return is better when doing drills shooting into one pocket as the pocket doesn't fill up after 7 or so balls are in it.