Ball skid


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I know we've all shot a key ball and had it skid causing us to lose that game. Normally a ball shot with low speed.

My question have you ever shot one that skidded and the skid helped you win a game. I don't recall that ever happening to me. Has it to you or have you seen someone win because of it? A shot that you would have missed without the skid.

Not too many of us ever expect a ball to skid so usually it comes as a surprise. If we suspect that it might then we can keep it from happening but normally we don't see that it might happen.


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I think we only notice it when the shot is missed. If it skids and the shot still goes, most people just assume that they aimed correctly and that the skid didn't affect the ball's path.


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I'm not making this up, but I have played an intentional skid a time or two when the OB was just blocked by another OB, for the CB to get the correct hit on it. If its a fuller hit, and you slow roll the CB with top, it has a very good chance of skidding, and favorably changing the angle of the shot.

I honestly don't know why so many pros complain about skidding? How can a mediocre player like me have a good sense when they will occur, and they don't?