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I am thinking in getting the Taig Micro Lathe. I would like to know where I can find and how I can add a bed extension so the end of a shaft can rest while working on tips.


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Just for work on tips, you can have a little Chinese metal lathe and a radius turning tool for less money, the motor is included. You fit a nylon bushing at the spindle exit to support the shaft at the middle and no problem.


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Monday's are the day I have the most calls I need to return. It is also the day my wife needs the most help getting the orders that came in over the weekend out. So pretty often I dont get everyone called back on Mondays.


I did get in touch with Chris yesterday and placed my order, I certainly understand about busy days! :)
I have a HF mini-lathe, their biggest version at the time (7x14 I think) and know I can use it for some things. I just didn't want to have to fabricate everything I'd like to have with it...