Best one pocket books?


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I think some of the guys have offered opinions on this not real long ago.

Either here or on

Have you been bitten by the 1P bug? I'll never get it right, but I do enjoy the game.


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I just looked up
Thanks for the tip, looks like it's a one stop shop.
Yeah, I got bit. :embarrassed2:


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Winning One Pocket and Shots, Moves, and Strategies, both by edited by Eddie Robin, are considered the bibles of One Pocket.
Recommended, but expensive.
Upscale One Pocket by Jack Koehler is good for beginners.
I recently got the Power One Pocket DVD from Fast Lenny here on AZ.
You might be better off buying DVDs from Accu-Stats. Tournament matches can be pretty eye opening and there are a bunch available.